Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church began in a tent on September, 1924, when Rev. Father Hill and 24 Christian believers banned together and organized New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.  In honor of the first pastor (Pastor Father Hill), the church name was changed to Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church.  The charter members were Rev. Father Hill, Rev. Ferrell, Rev. W.C. Neal, Rev. W.M. Friday, Rev. Lyons Scott, Rev. R.C. Elsley, Deacon Nobel Jones, W. Matthews, William Thompson, Clark Baker, Robert Brownwidge, Elliot Friday, Tommie Matthews, John Williams, Clifford Steele, Ellen Friday, Lottie Friday, Sarah Brownwidge, Alberta Steele, Annie Matthews, Edna Jones, Lizzie Williams, Mary Brown and Mary Thompson.

After Father Hill’s resignation, he was succeeded by the following Pastors: Rev. W.C. McNeal and Rev. R.C. Elsley; who offered their services as Co-Pastors for one year.  The first official place of worship was in a building owned by the Cadillac Motor Company.

In 1927, Rev. W.S. McGahee was called to Pastor Chapel Hill.  Shortly afterwards the church relocated to a store front building on Tillman near Kirby.  In 1932, Rev. McGahee resigned and was succeeded by Rev. Willis Dunn.  God continued to bless Chapel Hill and the church purchased property at the corner of Williams and Kirby streets.  In 1939 the first reconstruction began.  Rev. Dunn made his transition in 1940 and Rev. C. Milton Newton from Lynch, Kentucky, was called to Pastor Chapel Hill.

The construction of the Edsel Ford Freeway through the church property led to the purchase of the First Church of the Nazarene site located at Maybury Grand and Hudson streets.  A building fund was started to assist in the purchase.  Although Rev. Newton left Chapel Hill in 1947, the church family continued to pursue the purchase of the property.

After a short period of time, Rev. J. O. Truitt was called to Pastor Chapel Hill.  The First Church of the Nazarene site was purchased in 1949 under the leadership of Rev. Truitt and Chapel Hill moved in 1950.  Rev. Truitt resigned in October 1956.

The Associate Ministers, Deacons, and church members worked on one accord to carry out the service of the Lord.  The entire church came together on one accord in prayer asking the Lord to send us a Good Shepherd.  The Lord answered our prayers and sent Rev. Roy A. Allen, Sr., from St. John Baptist Church in Beaumont, Texas; Rev. Allen was elected Pastor in December 1956..

In January 1961, the church burned the mortgage on the Maybury Grand property.  Once again, urban renewal forced the church to relocate and our present site was purchased.  Ground breaking services were held and we worshiped in our new church home the first Sunday of October 1967.  The second unit of the church, which included a gym and classrooms, was completed in 1973.   The present church mortgage was burned Sunday, October 2, 1983, and the cornerstone was laid Sunday, May 6, 1984.

The Church owns the property on the north east corner of Joy Road and Yosemite known as the “Roy A. Allen Sr. Family Life Center”, Chapel Hill Townhouses which was completed with 12 units on Yosemite and the property located at 9200 Grand River, as well as several lots in the surrounding area.

In 1995 Pastor Roy A. Allen Sr. retired and Rev. Dr. R. LaMont Smith II was elected as Pastor and installed in 1996.  Rev. Dr. Roy A. Allen Sr. served as Pastor Emeritus until his transition in 2002.

The church continued to mature in the Word of God. In 1998 the church certified its first lady Trustees. They were Sis. Mikki Gracey, Sis. Pearl Hardin, Sis. Dorothy Johnson, Sis. Linda Ballard and Sis. Sarah Woods.  The transition from the traditional fostered the first female Minister at Chapel Hill. On February 8, 2004, Minister Bernice Goldsby was licensed to preach the Gospel. Christian education has been enhanced with the Church Book Store, Summer Empowerment Camps, Fall Conferences, mid-day and evening Bible Study Classes, Lenten Services, Web-site Ministry; with continued focus on Ministering to God’s people.

The overall theme of Chapel Hill is “Ministering to the Total Person with Serious Commitment”.  Chapel Hill is involved in several outreach efforts.  In addition to donations made to local shelters and children’s centers, such as the Don Bosco Hall and Genesis House I and II. Chapel Hill has provided food and clothing to the community on several occasions.

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, it hastens toward the goal, and it will not fail: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surly come, it will not tarry.’ Habakkuk 2:3